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Q2 Helps Founders FCU Reduce Members' Predatory Loan Rates

The South Carolina FCU used Q2's behavioral analytics tools to reach members who would benefit from its special loan offering.

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Founders turned to Q2 SMART and Q2 Discover to find and connect with its members who would receive true value from its less expensive lending offering, Express Loan, instead of turning to lenders without their best interest in mind.

  • Within 90 days, Express Loan volume grew 10x, from 170 loans at $300,000 to generating more than 1,700 loans at $3.6M
  • In less than a year of deploying Q2 SMART and Q2 Discover, the FCU’s return on investment has already exceeded $600,000
  • Founders significantly helped their at-risk members reduce interest payments by up to 10x, releasing them from a cycle of predatory loans